DAO Maker’s research pages provide a one-stop information hub for every project in our ecosystem. They are incredibly popular.

  • used among project communities for referencing information
  • shared among our own community to learn about projects
  • actively shared by KOLs as a complete info hub for their audience

This will act as a white label single-asset farm for projects. The goal is to enable staking yield to be tied with a constant update on project updates and education.

The Research Vaults will be open to stakers of both the project’s native token holders and the DAO token holders.

With this shift…

  • More allocations lead to greater distribution, which in turn creates a better spread of the success of Strong Holder Offerings
  • The platform’s aggregate live yield is 350%, but this is felt only by a portion of the stakers as the current model does not effectively distribute the yield
  • We are going to shift to a ticket system, with each SHO ticket offering a $100 allocation
  • Higher tranches will have wallets winning multiple tickets, and lower tranches will have a wide distribution of many wallets winning 1 ticket
  • This also ensures that SHOs help launched projects acquire an even greater distribution…

There’s more $20 billion across DeFi and CeFi apps in stablecoins. There’s over a million people who are participating in crypto solely for earning yield on stablecoins, and billion-dollar products like Yearn, Curve, and Celsius are capitalizing on this.

Strong Holder Offerings are disrupting venture capital, an often overlooked element of DeFi. SHO participation is growing rapidly, but the yields from SHOs are significantly higher than yields on any competing opportunity.

Note the image below.

Current DeFi standards are mostly limited to lending and trading, but finance encompasses much more than this. Funding is in fact a primary element of traditional finance.

An irony of many DeFi projects is that they are either:

  • primarily funded by a handful of VCs
  • offer public tokens at a rate that is often 10x+ the price VCs bought at

Funding is often excluded from the DeFi narrative as it goes against the goals of the narrative writers, early funds that control major stakes in DeFi projects like Compound.


  • DAO Team is not the team for Infinity Pad
  • Infinity Pad has its own team, and is partnered with DAO Maker
  • Chainmaker Kit is a white-label DAO Pad that makes it possible to make new Pads on other blockchains in moments (like shops on Shopify)
  • Infinity Pad is the first deployment via Chainmaker Kit; more on the way

What is the Chainmaker Kit

DAO Maker has spent months to deliver technology that can create new launchpads in moments.

Chainmaker Kit is available to professional teams that have a vision of operating their own launchpad. …


  • For the next 30 hours, DAO-ETH liquidity tokens can be instantly unstaked without a 10% fee
  • DAO-ETH liquidity is losing all incentives
  • DAO-USDC tokens qualify for 3x DAO power, airdrops, and yield
  • $300,000 yield campaign is live to DAO-USDC stakers ⚡️
  • DAO-BUSD stablecoin liquidity pool is now on Pancake, making DAO trading possible on BSC ⚡️

Over the past months, DAO token adoption has grown significantly and the associated products have generated substantial burn of circulating supply and yield for stakers.

However, in the past 6 weeks, ETH has faced a major price drop of 60%. A drop that is…

Burn Proof


Every quarter, we analyze internal performance and market dynamics to re-assess token supply. With Q2 coming to an end, we have conducted a burn of 31.2M tokens, valued a $70M.

The burns breakdown as such:

1. Mergers & Acquisitions: 14% to 7%

DAO token offering was prior to the 2021 market surge. Much has changed over the last 6 months, especially crypto company valuations. Our intent remains to utilize a mix of cash and locked tokens to acquire promising companies. Though, for now, supply of locked M&A tokens remains unused. …

Infinity Pad is the first chainmaker (launchpad) created with the DAO Maker Chainmaker Kit.

Major names in the industry have come together to build the leading Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain:

The BSC chainmaker (launchpad) is the first to adoption of the Chainmaker Kit.

The Infinity Pad is here.

  • IPAD tokens will be airdropped to all DAO Vault stakers
  • Snapsots will be taken from July 3 to July 10

Hyperdrive campaign begins Thursday, June 24 and will last for 10 days.

DAO Maker conducted its last growth campaign in Q1 of 2021.

When the campaign began, the DAO token had a market cap of $70M. Once the campaign was completed, the market cap was $140M.

Campaign 1 focused on the growth of the DAO token’s liquidity and accessibility. After that, we shifted focus to our product.

In Q2, we worked on establishing the DAO Pad as the most dominant token launchpad in the industry. As part of the process, we have achieved for our ecosystem projects:

A. Volume


Token sales are a form of crowdfunding.

Token sales are not the only form of crowdfunding.

Token sales are not the first form of crowdfunding.

Public crowdfunding through tokens is in fact tiny compared to traditional public crowdfunding.

How Big is Traditional Crowdfunding?

  • Major companies like Facebook subsidiary Opulous were product crowdfunded
  • A single traditional crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, has more traffic than all token sale platforms combined
  • Traditional crowdfunding is at almost 100 million users with billions
  • Individual platforms raise over a billion dollars a year

And yet…

Traditional Crowdfunding Sucks

H. S.

CMO at DAO Maker (DAOmaker.com)

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