Chainmaker: White Label Launchpad Kit for All Blockchains !

H. S.
2 min readJun 25, 2021


  • DAO Team is not the team for Infinity Pad
  • Infinity Pad has its own team, and is partnered with DAO Maker
  • Chainmaker Kit is a white-label DAO Pad that makes it possible to make new Pads on other blockchains in moments (like shops on Shopify)
  • Infinity Pad is the first deployment via Chainmaker Kit; more on the way !

What is the Chainmaker Kit

DAO Maker has spent months to deliver technology that can create new launchpads in moments.

Chainmaker Kit is available to professional teams that have a vision of operating their own launchpad. The launchpads they acquire come with superior features, on par with the DAO Pad:

  • Built-in Compliance
  • Fiat Onramp
  • Trustless Escrow
  • Multi-Audited Claim, Distribution, and Vesting Contracts
  • User Dashboards and Admin Panels

… and more. Virtually anything on the DAO Pad is mirrored.

In fact, the log-in functionality of each launchpad created by the Chainmaker is shared with DAO Pad and other launchpads. This has two major benefits:

1. Go-To Userbase

Immediate go-to user base of 300,000+ for Infinity Pad and other launchpads deployed on Chainmaker.

2. Massive Network Effect

The user adoption generated by DAO Pad, Infinity Pad, and all other launchpads built on Chainmaker is shared. This creates one of the most powerful network effects in the industry.

Why We Created the Chainmaker Kit

Launchpads have become powerful instruments to organize communities to fund, support, and grow early stage startups.

This is particularly effective for harnessing development on new blockchains, as highlighted by the major role launchpads have played in rapid development growth on both Cardano and Polkadot. Presence of a good launchpad can make blockchains powerful.

By effect, launchpads are chainmakers.

DAO Maker team is focused on the growth of the DAO Pad, which is native to Ethereum. This is considerable work and we aim to retain primary focus on the DAO Pad.

This means market opportunities of launchpad demand on other blockchains is entirely missed by the DAO ecosystem. But not anymore.

The Chainmaker Kit is available to qualified teams that want to deploy and manage their own launchpad. This is a powerful opportunity for many, and also for the DAO ecosystem, as it gains exposure to the launchpad market share on other blockchains.

The Infinity Pad is the first launchpad operating on the Chainmaker Kit.

As teams are already applying to deploy a launchpad on the Chainmaker Kit, for other blockchains, the DAO ecosystem could soon expand to every blockchain. We will take utmost consideration when approving a team to deploy a launchpad through the Chainmaker Kit, as we aim to have only 1 version per blockchain.


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