DAO Liquidity Migrates : A Look at Adoption So Far


  • For the next 30 hours, DAO-ETH liquidity tokens can be instantly unstaked without a 10% fee
  • DAO-ETH liquidity is losing all incentives
  • DAO-USDC tokens qualify for 1,5x DAO power
  • $300,000 campaign is live to DAO-USDC users⚡️
  • DAO-BUSD stablecoin liquidity pool is now on Pancake, making DAO trading possible on BSC ⚡️
  • Uniswap liquidity incentives are being migrated to USDC pool
  • Pancake Swap is live with BUSD
  • Centralized exchange market making is now primarily on USDT

DAO Maker Products have Experienced Incredible Adoption

A. Product Focus

  • $7.15M has been raised on the DAO Pad in Q2, at an avg live ROI of 6x ($35.75M in gains in one quarter)
  • The value staked in the DAO Vault is $40.5M
  • That means, collectively, DAO stakers earned 87% in Q2
  • That’s a flat growth rate of 348% per year

B. Adoption Rate

DAO Maker Adoption (growth of VC disruption)
DeFi has undergoing severe contraction
  • DAO Maker is foremost a business development operation; it cannot be forked
  • The net token supply continues to have rapid month after month reduction, ahead of even most CEX, let alone fresh startups
  • And still, the rates on DAO committed is significantly higher than on DeFi protocols, without even inflating DAO supply

C. State of the Token

  • 7.3% of sale tokens burned in just 1 quarter; this is a burn from true circulation, not tokens held by team
  • 1.2% of circulating supply has been generated by Vault fees, which can be used to incentivize liquidity and other campaigns without inflating circulation
  • 0.7% of circulating has been acquire as liquidity by Vault fees, in just the past 3 months

Looking Ahead



CMO at DAO Maker (DAOmaker.com)

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