Research Farms Bring Rewards for Stakers

DAO Maker’s research pages provide a one-stop information hub for every project in our ecosystem. They are incredibly popular.

  • used among project communities for referencing information

Research pages will soon carry a staking option.

This will act as a white label single-asset farm for projects. The goal is to enable staking yield to be tied with a constant update on project updates and education.

The Research Vaults will be open to stakers of both the project’s native token holders and the DAO token holders.

With this shift, we are also making the research pages open to even projects that do not launch on the DAO Pad. There are hundreds of tokens that are already listed which will now be able to access this facility.

  • This expands our platform’s TVL, which is currently $60M

Powerful Facility for New Projects

While the Research Vaults can be adopted by any project, they are particularly attractive to new launches.

Projects can sell allocations of their unlisted tokens to the DAO Pad. These tokens then get locked into a smart contract and get slowly released to potentially thousands of people. It severely reduces the sell pressure of these allocations being given to VCs and it also widely distributes the token.

Several projects have already adopted the Research Vaults prior to their launch.

Phase One of Research Vaults includes

  • Binance-led OpenOcean





CMO at DAO Maker (

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